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Providing loving and compassionate care for the sick was as much a part of the mission of the early church as proclaiming the gospel.  In the light of that tradition, First United Methodist Church in

Cleburne has signed a covenant with Texas Health Resources to provide Faith Community Nursing in this community.


Faith Community Nurses help people of all ages understand their health conditions and  medications, navigate the health system, and follow their treatment protocols.    They help promote wellness, early detection and intervention, and rehabilitation.  However, they do not perform invasive procedures, prescribe or supply medications, nor provide professional counseling.

 “Faith Community Nursing is a unique specialized practice of professional nursing which focuses on the promotion of health within the context of the values, beliefs, and practices of a faith community.” *American Nurses Association, Scopes and Standards of Faith


If you have a health related issue you may contact Cheryl Doggett at (817) 373 -2730  or Suzi Kelly at (817) 648-4650

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