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Welcome to the First United Methodist Church of Cleburne.  We are a faith community serving Johnson, Hill, Bosque, Hood and Somervell counties.  We believe in not only coming to church, but also in being the church; not only in loving God, but also in loving our neighbors; and not only in making disciples of Jesus Christ, but in becoming disciples of Jesus Christ. 


I believe that the Good News of Jesus Christ is a message of hope, love, and life for all people.  That when we begin and grow in a relationship with God through Christ and walk with others on that same journey, we can experience this message of good news for ourselves.  Then, through our lives, the world will experience this good news too. 


Come worship with us and encounter firsthand the Good News of Jesus.  You will find that you belong here, that you too have a place here, that you have a seat at the table of Jesus Christ.  Come and find a home at the First United Methodist Church Cleburne.

Pastor Bob

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